Virtual SDR Onboarding Stream

Sam Nelson Live 12-3-2020

Recording: Onboarding SDRs Virtually

Slides: Virtual SDR Onboarding Slides

Description: Discussion about the ways virtual onboarding for SDRs is different than onboarding in-person and specific processes to avoid common issues in virtual SDR onboarding.


  1. Meet Mark

  2. Why Mark specializes in SDR onboarding

  3. Boot camp

    1. Make asking questions cool

    2. Have a schedule

    3. How to get SDRs to pay attention

  4. After boot camp

    1. SDR specific slack channel

    2. Call recordings and prioritization auditing

    3. Team training schedule

  5. Create situations to mix new SDRs into rest of team

Resources referenced:

Agoge Team Webinar

Example template for bootcamp

Making an SDR Bootcamp Webinar

90 day training schedule