I put together a list of individuals who let me know they were hiring SDRs this month. Below is a spreadsheet with names, companies, and links to their LI profile. People hiring SDRs I also put together a free course about how to get an SDR job here:
Tactics for increasing new meetings by working with your AE
Happy Monday! Usually I don’t comment directly on my polls to avoid biasing them, so I thought I would share my thoughts here. One thing oddly never…
The before and after transformations that you see individuals go through on SDR teams is so exciting. If you work in Sales Development you get used to…
I’m extremely excited to announce The Agoge Cold Calling Course! Course will drop January 6. All information available at theagoge.xyz
On my messy but fun experience minting an NFT, and crypto changing the SaaS sales space in the future
Polls about SDR teams from August 2021
How 1:1 email copy is different
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